Some Thoughts n’ Some Tunes

This past week a lot has happened. On Friday the 20th I went to see Dodie Clark’s gig in town. It was amazing, Dodie has this ability to portray her feelings perfectly through her music, and you can tell. Her songs are so warm, cute, dainty and familiar, yet they still have the ability to make you laugh or cry. She has such a distinct style and voice, its really different from the gigs I usually attend, however no less exhilarating. The audience was filled with all kinds of people too, from goth teenagers to 20 year old males with skinny jeans and Armani t-shirts. It was packed. However despite all the different appearances, the audience had one similarity which was Dodie’s music. It was like being part of a huge, fan-girl/fan-boy family. Everyone there was so accepting and unique, you could really tell. That’s what i love about gigs, you can always get lost in the experience with people who love the same music as you.

My friends and I really had an amazing time, apart from the excruciating back pain and part where we had to wolf down a McDonald’s because the line was moving. We were stood up straight for 4 hours, with our bags. I normally don’t bring huge tote bags to gigs, however this time I had no choice and as a result of this I developed a distinctive calf and back pain. My own mistake. However we loved the gig all the same and the negatives we encountered were out weighed by the positives.

The following Wednesday I busked at a local Cafe. The cafe was amazing; other than the £1.20 mocha that in my opinion tasted better than any hot drink I had ever tasted before, the interior was rustic, indie, surfer, hipster and just homely.

As soon as you walked in there was this overwhelming atmosphere of friendliness and calm people. Wednesday is buskers night and aside from the regulars who come every week to have a pint, a laugh, and a sing, there was (and always is) a few newbies (me being one of them). However, the newbies were treated as one of the regulars and wholesomely introduced to where they would be playing and offered a beverage. Honestly I felt right at home. Surrounded by people who had the same passion and drive as me was so reassuring. I played 3 songs, then watched everyone else play and I was asked to play another 2.

It is so important that if you are a budding artist, you get as much exposure and experience as you can. Just put yourself out there, it’s the best thing. To build up your confidence and just get yourself known. Chances are, someone there will notice you and appreciate you for your music. I mean, I’m not saying I’m a hugely experienced rock god, I’m hardly that; I’m just advising from a 14 year old’s early experience. Really getting known and being independent is the best thing to do, you have to go there and do it for yourself. Nothing will be spoon fed to you, and if it is chances are it’s not what you want. Go down to your local live music pub, ask around for small gigs and opportunities, go to other people’s gigs and meet people, talk with fellow musicians, you know? It’s all about your journey and how you make it, the world is your oyster.

But yeah, this week has been busy. It’s like my boring life has taken a turn recently and BOOM, I have a social life! It’s weird, I mean don’t get me wrong I love going out and having a nutty time like a hooligan. However, I just as much love watching Bake Off at home, with some cheesecake and a lovely cup of tea. Such a thrilling time, honestly. If you want to see the videos from Wednesday of me busking at the Cafe, you can find them here on my YouTube channel. (Mind the start of Talk Tonight by Oasis where I forgot the start of the song and made it moderately awkward as all I said was ‘Oh’, however I’m pretty sure I cleared it up after a turbulent start. Also, who’s happy with the Bake Off outcome? Gerrin Sophie pet winning, she was really good. I also cried a little bit when all of the bakers were together at the end. Ah, The Bake Off. What am I going to do with my Tuesday nights now?




Liam Gallagher: My Thoughts

So everyone seems to love Liam Gallagher and I don’t know why. I mean well I do know why, I just don’t understand why. The big mouth (strikes again ūüėČ )of Manchester, clawing onto his past fame based on his band mate’s and brother’s genius, spewing out shoddy, boring and dated albums. If anything I think he’s incredibly over-rated. Like if a normal everyday person had the personality and characteristics that Liam has now, they’d literally be hated and have no friends. Why? Well because nobody wants to befriend some one who is so big-headed, they can’t see past their own ego, someone who over estimates them self greatly to the point where its straight up vanity, someone who tweets constantly about middle and lower class people being united and great, only to ignore the fact they live a lavish lifestyle and are sufficiently wealthy. (Maybe not as wealthy as he was in Oasis however he’s still got money.)

Liam’s attempt at a solo career (despite the fact that he once said he’d never have a solo career because he’s ‘not a cu*t’, only one of the times he’s contradicted himself) is both dull and boring. It’s like it lacks something all important, passion and soul. (Or Noel…) You can hear him singing and the pleasant instrumental background, but you can’t feel him singing. It’s like you don’t believe what he’s saying. ‘Wall of Glass’ is undoubtedly the best song on As You Were, and it has a couple of other okay songs (like Chinatown is also okay in my opinion), however overall I’d say it’s a shoddy album.¬† Despite having the help of Greg Kurstin (an American record producer who’s previously worked with Adele, Foo Fighters, Lily Allen, Kelly Clarkson, Beck, Pink and more), the album just isn’t that impressive. I think everyone who knows enough about Liam and Oasis, know that Noel wrote all of the songs and Liam just sung them. Like don’t get me wrong I think he’s a good singer, he’s got that trade mark Manchester accent when he’s talking and sings with a rough sound. But Liam is trying to make it look like he has all of the talent in the world, when in reality he doesn’t have much. Oasis made him the star that he is and the fact he’s known and ‘respected’ in the industry, is thanks to them.


I’ve gotten this far, I can’t not include his twitter rants and hits towards Noel. Here are some examples:


Him having a go at Noel for not turning up to the Manchester One Love concert, despite the fact Noel donated Don’t Look Back in Anger’s royalties to the charity for Manchester One Love. Yeah, Liam.


Also here.


Ah, #reletable Liam.


Liam being lovely x

One more thing, Liam expresses love to the middle, lower and workng class of people, however he prices his tickets for his gigs at like ¬£70/¬£80. I know he has to make money and that for some people it’s probably worth it however, for Liam being a person who says that he appeals to mainly those lower class people and saying upper class people are ‘cu*ts’ and ‘tw*ts’, it’s a little bit inconvenient. You know?

Anyway, I’ll give him that he’s funny and an edgy icon for Pretty Green, Dad Jeans, Vans, Gallagher haircut and mediocre guitar playing skilled teenagers. But you must admit, Liam Gallagher is not that great of a person. People are probably fully aware of that fact and will continue to love and follow him, however that’s just my opinion. Thank you!




How do we get inspiration?

Inspiration is something different to every living being on this planet. From apples falling from a tree and serving a humble bump on the head, to staring at a blank wall for hours on end with nothing but your very own thoughts. Inspiration is something that just ‘comes’ to us, I guess. For musicians, writers and other kinds of creative careered people, inspiration is something greatly valued. It’s that spark of the mind we get when something occurs which makes our heart skip a couple of beats. And other soppy metaphors which create an image… Anyways, bottom line is: How do we get inspiration?

The amount of people in this world is about 7.6 billion and the amount of ideas had by those 7.6 billion is probably at least ten times that. The amount of novels, songs, albums, films, comics, articles, posts, paintings, outfits and well.. you get the idea, is also immense. Those were all ideas from someone once, sprouted from something inspiring in their minds. So really, you are capable of anything and everything. Things that drive you and make you strive for progress are blessings and things that knock you down and push you back are lessons. Use everything to your advantage.

Inspiration can come from anything. If you are struggling to find some, well go out and get some. If you’re not lucky enough to have it slap you in the face with a wet fish and declare: ‘HELLO I’M YOUR INSPIRATION TODAY!’, go out with your rod and fish for that bloody fish! Nothing is stopping you. Take a walk without your head phones and admire the urban creeks of your town or city, bake a cake for the first time and watch the flour grains mix into the delicious concoction you desire to devour, look at the sky on a breezy night and study the illuminations, visit a loved family member or friend and recognise the warm feeling of belonging. Seriously the world is your oyster.

Okay so here’s a fun little thing for you: look at this picture, okay? ¬† cropped-img_4519.jpg

I took this earlier this year, it’s just a photo of a place in my city. Woo. Nothing too special, would you agree? Aha! Well that’s where you are potentially wrong my friend! You see, this mere photo can be the root of your inspiration. Right so look at the graffiti on the wall on the left hand side, notice how it looks. Think about who made it for what reason? Why there? Do they live near? What do they work as? Were they bullied in school? What would their mother say about the fact they’re graffiti-ing on walls? What’s their favourite food? Do they graffiti a lot?

Think about it more.






Okay so now you’re in a chain of thought about some graffiti on a wall, in a shoddy picture of urban surroundings a 14-year-old took to put on her Instagram to make herself look cool… But do you see what I mean? What sprouted from that photo? Inspiration!¬† Go ahead and pick another element of the image, it’s a perfect way to train your brain to deeply research any old thing. Do it with some random object near to you right now, go on! Honestly it’s just proof that you can get inspiration from anything. (Because now I want to write a song about a chav who graffitis on walls, who’s mam doesn’t approve of his decisions, works in pond stretcher and loves toad in the hole)

That whole thing was to prove that you can get inspiration from the littlest of things, you just need to go for it, go wild, go tame, go big or go home! Seriously people, get writing or singing or playing or reading or drawing or whatever you feel like. Inspiration is always there, you just need to look for it.


This week (music-wise) I have been into a lot of Wolf Alice, King Krule, Milk Teeth, Turnstile and Pale Waves. A punky core week, to say the least. Also on Friday I’m going to see Dodie Clark live! I am incredibly excited because I love Dodie to bits. I mean who doesn’t? So, expect a gig review!

This Week’s Favourites

Thank you all!



Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold Album Review

Concrete and Gold is the Foo Fighters’ 9th studio album to reach our ears, and no doubt it won’t be the last. Grohl’s combination of some soft yet hard-hitting tracks, and some head banging certain classics, really polish this album off. The first track to the album is a 1 minute and 20 second ice-cream Sundae¬†to the mouths of our ears, we indulge into the Foo Fighters’ familiar style and sound which they never fail to bring to every album. ‘T-Shirt’ kicks off the album with a slow and steady start. The pure sound of Dave Grohl’s voice along side soft acoustics, makes it hard for us as listeners not to hear the emotion pouring out of his voice. Raw emotion sways us gently with lyrics such as: ‘I don’t wanna be king, I just wanna sing a love song’. Then on the break down Pat Smear, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and new member Rami Jafee join in with Dave and turn the song completely around. With hard and dynamic instrumental patterns, we are reminded what the Foo Fighters are capable of and reassured that it will¬†be plentiful throughout the album. You see it’s great to have a variety of song styles and experiments, however as fans we will still always want that authentic Foo Fighters rock and roll sound.

The second song on Concrete and Gold is the first song that was actually released before any of the others. (And it was probably the best song to release first, so well done to the Foo Fighters for tempting their fans with this master piece.) ‘Run’. Run is probably one of my personal favorites from the album because of how immensely empowering it is. ‘Wake up! Run for your life with me!’, you find yourself screaming: ‘YES DAVE I WILL, SCREW EVERYTHING’. The capability of empowering people through music is an amazing thing. You don’t hear or feel it in every song, however when you find it in some songs it’s the best thing ever. For me, ‘Run’ is one of those songs. As soon as it plays, you are enticed and interested in the opening riff, the¬†vocals come in and you’re even more enticed and excited for the rest of the song to come. Foo Fighters have created a savage, rebellious, groggy, empowering fight song and I would gladly like to hear it used in some kind of high-speed, cool action scene. Again though, this song brings the authentic Foo Fighters feeling similar to songs like ‘Bridge Burning’, ‘White Limo’ , ‘Monkey Wrench’, ‘All My Life’. No doubt they have mastered another hit.

Track 3 starts with an inevitably hooking drum beat, lured in with riffs and vocals followed. (Personally I thought the first verses of this song of sounded like Lemmy’s voice? Or is it just me? Nevertheless, this song is still a banger.) ‘Make it Right’ combines groovy and rocky elements. With stubborn lyrics such as ‘How you gonna make it right? Gonna make it right’, Grohl mentioned in some interviews that some of this album had political meaning. Could Make it Right’s lyrics be linked to the USA’s new president? It’s well-known Grohl isn’t a fan of the man. This song however portrays stubborn, manic, rebellious views extremely well. Track 4 is then ‘The Sky is a Neighborhood’. Ah this song. The opening is introduced with some harmonies, a rather underwhelming start if I’m totally honest. However Dave’s voice then follows and in comes the rest of the song. I do however love this song, it’s just that right amount of different to what their music usually sounds like. It has a rustic, easy listening, jagged yet smooth rhythm to it. The song refers to ‘Heaven’ a lot, giving it some religious meaning maybe? Despite a few flaws, I do love this song and appreciate it for being so fundamentally great.

‘La Dee Da’ is most definitely a political outrage song. The band perfectly portray a rebellious yet serious opinion that many of the world’s population also possess. That Donald Trump is a bad president basically. The rough and untamed guitars alongside Dave’s angry snarl and Taylor’s hardcore drumming, show their outrage! You can feel it oozing out of the track, the people don’t agree! Who’s a better spokesman then Goody-Guy Grohl? ‘Turn up the American Ruse Whitehouse, Death in June.’ Go on! Track 6, titled ‘Dirty Water’ and Track 7 titled ‘Arrows’, are equally thick with Foo Fighter’s energy and lyrics with an edge to them. They are again a product of the Foo Fighters sound and I love both tracks. Grohl has definitely put a spin on this album (like he does for every album) and it’s a weird, spooky, grinding, full of emotion kind of spin if that makes sense?

‘Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)’ is a lovely song. It’s truly the baby if the album in terms of dynamics. But does that make it bad? Does that mean it lacks that secret Foo Fighters’ ingredient? Not at all! This song captures Dave’s Voice in all it’s beauty, him and his band mates truly are amazing musicians. Having such range and ability to do different things so well is incredible. Take this song with slow, warming, calming and heart-felt sounds and compare it to ‘White Limo’ from Wasting Light, a combination of Dave’s screaming, immensely hard guitar and drums, insane chords and a solid¬† head banger’s track. Both amazing tracks, and listening to them oblivious to the creators, you’d think they are by different artists. All I’m saying is that the Foos never fail to amaze us and ‘Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)’ is a perfect example of that.

Track 9 is ‘Sunday Rain’. This song has such a good diverse library of sound throughout it. Taylor Hawkins sings this, showing off his vocal ability. It’s a complex array of rhythmy goodness and honestly I listen to this song a LOT. ‘Dont leave me drowning in your Sunday Rain it’s always a shame oh no’. Here again the Foo Fighters face us with gripping and cleverly crafted lyrics. We find ourselves having an empathetic moment with Taylor in this song, we can all relate. ‘A little afraid? A little alone? A little exhausted?’ Again, it’s the Foos showing us how they can move us by the talk of their instruments and vocals.

‘The Line’, this has to be my favorite song on Concrete and Gold. As soon as the song kicks off you are there, you are in the rhythm you can feel it. The complexity of 6 instruments and Dave’s voice is just honestly art work in this song. ‘Somewhere, are you there? Deep in your eyes, some day will dry We fight for our lives Cause everything’s on the line’. These lyrics are again empowering, upon hearing them I just want to change my life, fight for what’s right, you know? The kind of things that you see only happening in life or death situations are the kind of things I want to take on when listening to this song. Is that too much? I don’ know, I just love this song so much.

Finally the ending song to this album is the self-titled song: ‘Concrete and Gold’. So judging by¬†the emotional and inspirational roller coaster this album has taken us on so far, surely they should provide us with an equally thrilling and smirk-provoking song? Honestly the last song to this amazing album was a let down for me. Where I was wanting/expecting some groovy, grungey, rock and rolly extravaganza, I instead got a slow, borderline depressing, melancholy performance. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad song altogether, there are some vivid lyrics and a good, stable rhythm (plus I love a good moody, depressing song from time-to-time). I just mean it was a bad idea to end the album with. The other songs are empowering hits that I obsess over, however the self-titled concluding song should stereo-typically be an amazingly wowing end to the album. I just feel like that wasn’t delivered. Anyway that is only one minor flaw to an amazing album produced by the Foo Fighters once again. (definitely topping Sonic Highways).


Overall I love this album and highly recommend giving it a purchase and a listen. The deluxe CD comes with a booklet containing lyrics to all of the songs and some cool artwork to accompany the album. I’d give this album an 8/10 and reccomend¬†to anyone considering listening to the Foos!

Thank you all!

Favorites of the week playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLX3jxL70kJDHxzP_OiGvFkSEdOASWoMP



Hey! Since this is my first post I guess an introduction to me, myself and what I’ll most likely be writing/posting about is highly necessary. So my name is Sarah Rose Johnson, I’m 14 and I live in the North East of the UK. I have my own YouTube channel –¬†¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx4qDyv0Es92uC49AvBt9pA¬† – where I mostly do covers of songs and a few originals. I’ve been obsessed with music and everything to do with it for pretty much as long as I can remember. (10 points to whoever hazards a guess to what my blog is gonna’ be about). I created this blog to basically get my opinions, loves, ideas, interests, hates and etc to share with people and mostly this blog is something for me to put my heart and soul into. Passionate rants or raves about albums, songs, artists, gigs and all, are going to be plentiful on this blog I hope. And I do also hope somebody somewhere finds them interesting or helpful.

I’m thinking of making a post weekly with a playlist of my favorite songs and recommendations? I don’t know if that will be the permanent schedule due to the fact I’m lazy and shy, but doing this blog might help those curses of mine? I don’t know! At this point the world is my oyster and my excitement of merely starting this blog is giving me a lot of hope.

I am open to music suggestions as my blog develops, maybe even requests of what material to review or listen to. But my overall dream (even if nobody ever reads this), is to show my passion and grow as a musician, writer and even as a person.

Thank you for reading and expect dedication from me, if I don’t show that then oh sue me! That was a joke, don’t sue me I’m just a 14 year old on the internet having a good time writing about sweet, sweet music okay!

Thank you all.